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The JCH&PS newsletter, the Binoomea, is published quarterly and it is teeming with tantalizing and fascinating information about Jenolan history, upcoming events, and Jenolan personalities past, present and future.

The 2005 – 2008 newsletters attached below are an example of what members receive quarterly.
The complete catalogue of newsletters can be found in the Members Area.

Binoomea 123 (Jul 2005) – Golden Man of Caving visits Jenolan: Society Spotlight Jenny Whitby: Post Office Postings

Binoomea 124 (Nov 2005) – The story of the man behind the JCH&PS logo: Snow down to the Blue Lake: Recollections about the JCH&PS logo

Binoomea 125 (Feb 2006) – John Culley recognised by RAHS for dedication to Jenolan Caves: Presents from the President: Carols in the Caves

Binoomea 126 (May 2006) – Society spotlight Hayley Elkins: Jedda: Bird Restoration work: The First car at Jenolan Caves

Binoomea 127 (Aug 2006) – Nettle Cave a Show Cave again: Society Spotlight Keith Watson: We Should Remember Them: Coins of Remembrance: Speleo stuff

Binoomea 128 (Nov 2006) – Society Spotlight Jimmy Lim: Jenolan Shelley Collector: Who was John Lucas: Royalty visit Jenolan: We Should Remember Them Part 2: Caves’ Secret Lay in Lumps of Clay: Speleo Stuff

Binoomea 129 (Feb 2007) – Re-opening of the Nettle Cave: 140th Proclamation weekend/Special themed tours John Lucas: Carols in the Caves 2006: Society Spotlight Isabella Cove

Binoomea 130 (May 2007) – Historical Weekend: A Strange Involvement : Caves, Trains & Automobiles : A trip to Jenolan

Binoomea 131 (Aug 2007) – New Jenolan Caves Book release: Society Spotlight Rob Whyte: De Burgh’s Bridge: Jenolan’s Limestone Bridge 1896-1996: At Jenolan Caves a Glimpse of the Underworld

Binoomea 132 (Nov 2007) – Diprotodon Bones found at Jenolan: Society Spotlight John Flint: 35th Anniversary Weekend: James Wiburd’s Wooden Legacy

Binoomea 133 (Feb 2008) – Renovations to Caves House: Joseph Rowe: Memories from living at Jenolan

Binoomea 134 (May 2008) – Photos from AGM historical weekend: Julia James Survey Project

Binoomea 135 (Aug 2008) – James McKeown: Happy Birthday Blue Lake: Society Spotlight Michael Collins: Hidden stories about Jenolan

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